The woman behind "The3rdResearch"

I was born in Madrid, Spain, in a family of a self-employed father and a housewife mother. My years at university were marked by the 2008 economic crash, which hit Spain hard at the time. As a result, I moved to London, UK, where I developed my career.

My MA Dissertation occupies the debate on business and human rights, responding specifically to the question "Do corporations have the responsibility to respect human rights?". Not in philosophical terms, but with academic arguments. In this journey, I investigate the link between human rights demands, and business responsibilitiesThe3rdResearch aims to empower a new discipline that seeks to achieve the ultimate goal of a business model that works together with governments towards the protection and respect for human rights.


My inspiration for this blog is determined by my discipline and my passion for social justice. It is time for us, the children of the working class, to participate in the construction of a sustainable and resilient future. The comprehensive approach of The3rdResearch seeks to provide well informed arguments to others, as well as sharing research to the parts involved in this debate.

Let's work together!

Laura Perez

Curriculum Vitae:

Member  of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association, BR2R

Researcher at the Network for International Law Students.

Administrator, Peace Brigades International, London, UK.

Project Coordinator, Peace Brigades International,London,UK.

Freelance Translator,English into Spanish.

Legal Assistant, Sterling and Law Associates, London, UK.

Administrative Support, Evelyn Oldfield Unit, London, UK.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, Rey Juan Carlos I University, Madrid, Spain, 2013.

MA in Human Rights and International Conflict, London Metropolitan University, London, UK, 2017.

Participant at the 'United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights', Geneva, Switzerland, 2017.

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