This section provides a list of organisations within the promotion and development of the business and human rights concerns. Although the organisations and their services are different between each other, there is a shared factor: prevent human rights abuses linked to business activities.

All the information provided is available in the organisations' websites.

Avobe Ground, The European Coalition for Corporate Justice, CORE, ICAR and Public Eye, they have all together created this website to track law cases with a focus on mandatory human rights due diligence and parent company liability. Very useful source to investigate about corporate liability and future lawsuits. 

Article ONE

This consulting organisation is based in New York. They work with different companies and state agencies developing and  implementing strategies to advance in sustainability and the protection of human rights. Their cases are useful resources.  

Hogan Lovells

This International Law Firm offers guidance, representation and advice to multinationals in issues related to human rights. Their blog offers a category in 'Business and Human Rights' as a large source of information. The link is directed to Hogan Lovells Blog.

RAID: Raights and Accountability in Development

NGO based in UK with the commitment to make corporations accountable when they are involved in Human Rights violations. They divide their work between casework and policy work. RAID website offers a comprehensive explanation of real methodology based in legal actions and complaints' mechanisms. Furthermore, they explain the way issues where RAID is focused in, and the policies that they follow.

Global Business Initiative

NGO led by 18 corporations from different industries promoting and working towards a respect for human rights in business behaviour


This Private Law Firm has developed their own Human Rights Impact Assessment Method. It provides services to multinational enterprises to carry out independent analysis of the effectiveness from human rights due diligence mechanisms. 

Institute for Human Rights and Business

This think-tank institute works in different projects to situate human rights at the core of business' strategy. Their working areas are divided in Commodities, Finance, Information and Communications technologies, Mega-sporting events, Migrant workers,  Benchmarking, Colombia, Kenya and Myanmar.

CORE Coalition

CORE is the UK civil society coalition on corporate accountability. Together with their partners, they promote the respect for human rights and the environment among UK companies. The issues addressed are divided in: Corporate Crime, Modern Slavery in Supply Chains,  Access to Justice, Corporate Transparency, and United Nations Guiding Principles (UNGPs) and proposed treaty on business and human rights.

European Coalition for Corporate Justice

This European coalition promotes corporate accountability throughout four key areas: Human Rights Due Diligence, Corporate Reporting, Business and Human Rights and Access to Justice. Their vision of making a sustainable world unifies NGOs, trade unions, consumer organisations and academics .

Interpaliamentary initiative

This is the official site for the Open Ended Inter-governmental Working Group (OEIGWG) for the development of a legally binding treaty on TNCs and other business enterprises with respect to human rights. The network is formed by more than 250 people advocating for a binding treaty on transnational corporations with respect to Human Rights. This platform shares news related with the international efforts for a binding treaty in business and human rights. Furthermore, there is a section concerned with the three sessions carried out by the OEIGWG.


The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations provides corporate-related research, consulting and training to non-profit organisations and the public sector in key issues such as Economic justice and sustainable supply chains.Their vision is an empowered civil society that could reshape the the role of multinational corporations in the world.


Amnesty International

This section of Amnesty International website is dedicated to Corporations activity. There is an overview of the issue and a news related section.

Business and Human RIghts Resource Centre

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre is an international NGO that record positive and negative human rights impacts from companies all around the word. They are an independent organisation that allows companies to provide statements when human rights abuses concern them. Their websites is one of the most complete sources currently in this topic.

Liberty Asia

LA is a source of information, dialogue and training for organisations involved in the prevention of human trafficking. It promotes collaboration with NGOs, corporations and financial institutions in Southeast Asia.

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