The3rdResearch presents a new discipline that studies the the respect for human rights   in business activities.


 Through case studies, articles, and reports, The3rdResearch presents a 'business case' that fits in the human rights discourse.

Exploring the link between business and human rights means to stop business as usual.  Undoubtedly, the 2030 Agenda shapes this international commitment. However, the historical struggle to make corporations accountable for human rights violations still not resolved. 

Let´s continue together in this challenging path...

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COVID19 lockdown: witnesses to system dystopia.

When our thinking is not only limited to knowledge, invention starts running. Thus, longing for the day when we go back to our daily routines should not be our aim during the COVID-19 lockdown. We miss our previous daily routines, but they are now part of a system in ruins. Humans are victims of their own imperfection, vulnerability, greed and the arrogance linked to our own believe that we are unbeatable. We can not buy anymore whatever and whenever we want in this capitalist system - as we must think in “other’s” needs. We cannot travel low-cost in our globalized world - as we should only travel for whatever is “strictly necessary”. In a world where poverty and scarcity coexist with privil

Confinamiento por COVID-19: testigos de una distopía. Reflexiones I

No limitar nuestro pensamiento solo a lo que conocemos pone nuestro ingenio a funcionar. Por eso, en tiempos de confinamiento es importante que no nos dejemos arrastrar por el sueño de volver a nuestras rutinas sin aprender nada de lo vivido. Rutinas que ahora todos añoramos en un sistema en ruinas. La humanidad esta siendo victima de su propia imperfección, su propia vulnerabilidad, su propia codicia y soberbia ligada a la creencia de que somos invencibles. En nuestro mundo capitalista, ya no podemos comprar todo lo que queramos y cuanto queramos porque debemos pensar en las necesidades del "otro". En un mundo globalizado, ya no podemos volar en aviones low-costs porque se nos pide solo via

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